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Recognizing the surge in crime levels, my platform advocates for a robust partnership with law enforcement agencies, businesses, and community members. The cornerstone of my strategy is an “all hands-on deck” approach, inviting open communication and collaboration from all sectors willing to join the fight against crime.

I am committed to fighting gangs, and I plan to implement aggressive strategies to keep these criminal elements out of our neighborhoods and protect the sanctity of our homes.

The increase in gun crimes, especially among youth, calls for strict enforcement of gun possession laws. This is vital not just for immediate safety, but also to enable law enforcement to track firearms used in other offenses, helping to solve and prevent further crimes.

My plan includes transforming the Victims Division into a more responsive and empathetic unit. By streamlining communication between victims, law enforcement, and the county attorney’s office, we can ensure victims are informed, supported, and integral to the justice process.

With over 42,000 minors unaccounted for at the Arizona border, my office will prioritize understanding the ramifications of this crisis and work with local and federal agencies to address the safety, legal, and humanitarian implications.

Education is power. I will create a dedicated section on the county attorney’s website with resources and infographics to educate our citizens about the critical role and functions of the County Attorney’s Office, making the justice system more transparent and understandable.

As your County Attorney, I will be the face of justice, working tirelessly to improve the current system and ensure it serves the people effectively. The office is not just about politics; it’s about balanced policies that affect daily life and safety.

Leadership is not interchangeable; it’s about vision and action. My focus is on policy and people, not politics. I aim to balance the scales of justice, ensuring safety and equity for all.

I will deliver my message with strength and passion, emphasizing the urgency of change to maintain our community’s safety. My campaign is about reaching every voter, bridging divides, and uniting our community under a common goal of justice and security.

As a result of the various issues surrounding the last two elections, people have lost trust in the election process. It is imperative that we restore faith in our institutions. As County Attorney, I will follow the constitution and apply the laws fairly. I pledge to not engage in any political lawfare. I am committed to creating an Election Integrity Task Force that will work to ensure that our laws are enforced. As County Attorney, I will advise elected officials to uphold the election laws and procedures on the books. If there is evidence of election crime, I pledge to enforce the law and hold the offenders accountable.

The decision to extradite from one state to another unfolds between governors, not prosecutors. The County Attorney is the arbitrator of justice for the community – the chief prosecutor must be a person of highest integrity. Every attorney takes an oath of office avowing not to mislead a court or jury. For this reason, I was disappointed to see my opponent broadcast on national TV and insinuate she had the power to do something she does not have. These political stunts only further erode community trust. As County Attorney, I will focus on solutions and accountability, not political games.

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